PMR is a redevelopment management firm created to provide multifamily owners & operators with consistent & professional representation for their capital & redevelopment projects.  Our mission is to provide fast, reliable & cost saving renovation management services to each community we serve, with minimal disruption to your residents, leasing  & maintenance staff’s & operations.

PMR provides a comprehensive set of services to apartment management companies and owners to increase the overall value of their multifamily communities. Our redevelopment management includes essential steps beginning from pre construction to post, including interior design. Contact us today to see how we can help with your apartment renovations.”

PMR is not a general contractor.  Because we do not follow the traditional “GC” approach, PMR charges less for more, & our clients save significant capital.  We can make investment deals work that typically would not.  PMR brings solid, reliable resources directly to you.  Our team understands & executes your business plan.

PMR represents you.  For more than two decades, PMR’s team members have diligently acted on behalf of owners/developers to maximize each asset’s redevelopment dollars.  Each project is developed with the owner’s business plan in mind.  Not only does this consideration include minimizing raw construction costs, but also coordination and speed.  PMR understands that the actual redevelopment process needs to be completed swiftly and carefully so that your community can take full advantage of the improvements as early as possible.