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PMR is founded on more than 3 decades of Multifamily Renovation & Redevelopment experience, including 100,000+ units.


PMR firmly represents you, your investment & your interests. We pursue the highest construction / renovation value for you.

National Buying Power

PMR links you directly with a National Network of Multifamily Manufactures, Suppliers, Contractors & Tradesmen.

Streamlined Production

PMR associates have always served our clients with the idea that time is money. We know the quicker your improvements are executed, the faster you & your residents will realize the benefit.

Efficient Operations & Care

PMR’s is experienced with highly occupied & operating communities. We know how to carefully perform the work, while maintaining & improving your occupancy & NOI.


PMR will provide you with the flexibility to carry out your redevelopment improvements without adding on permanent staff & overhead.


PMR works closely with everyone involved with your property to ensure a smooth operation, production, & coordination with maximum results.