21 06, 2013

Value-Add Apartment Repositioning Projects Are On the Rise

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Changes in multifamily real estate: Value-add eclipses distressed properties If you are considering an apartment repositioning project, you're in good company. With distressed and foreclosed multifamily properties diminishing, more and more investors are looking for value-add multifamily real estate. Value-add real estate can be a great opportunity for multifamily [...]

15 06, 2013

“Trillion Dollar Apartment Industry” Calls for Apartment Repositioning and Construction

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A representative of the National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) and National Apartment Association (NAA) testified in front of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee earlier this week on the value of the multifamily housing industry. According to the NMHC/NAA report entitled "The Trillion Dollar Apartment Industry," multifamily housing is [...]

9 05, 2013

Apartment Renovations Part 3: Scope and Design

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Once we’ve developed a vision for your multifamily community and completed a multifamily redevelopment assessment, we break down the redevelopment project into four basic categories: Unit Interiors Apartment Building Exteriors Site Amenities & Marketing Prioritizing Apartment Renovations It’s best to itemize each aspect of your apartment redevelopment under the [...]

29 04, 2013

Apartment Renovations Part 2: Community Assessment

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In our last post we discussed the first step of an apartment renovation project- stretching our imaginations and developing a preliminary budget. Next, it’s time to gain a real-time assessment of conditions at your community. Professional Multifamily Redevelopment performs a comprehensive inspection of the entire property, including site drainage, [...]

24 04, 2013

Apartment Renovations: Where to Start?

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Are you ready to start an apartment renovation? Don't leave the starting line without a solid plan in place. If you’re considering repositioning your apartment community, the task can seem overwhelming. Where do you start?  How far do you go? Should you focus on apartment interiors, building [...]

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