Welcome to the Professional Multifamily Redevelopment, LLC blog!

PMR is a redevelopment management firm created to provide multifamily owners & investors with professional representation for their capital & redevelopment projects. We pride ourselves on protecting the owners and investors that trust us to help them with their redevelopment projects. We strive to maximize your renovation dollars and will take the extra time and effort to go through every step from beginning to end in your best interest.

Multifamily Redevelopment Services

We can handle jobs of any size or shape, and depending on the size of the project will call on our many contacts & associates across the nation to complete your project on time and under budget. PMR can help you complete your major capital renovations such as new roofing, paint jobs, kitchen and bath improvements, as well as major rehab projects with multi-million dollar budgets. And don’t worry if your site is occupied – PMR specializes in the repositioning of well occupied communities with seamless transition.

Here on our blog, we will be posting each week about what’s happening in the apartment industry, architectural design and technology, tips for achieving maximum use out of limited space, business management information, the latest projects we are working on, answers to FAQs, and more. Make sure to check in each week for the latest news from Professional Multifamily Redevelopment!