starting an apartment redevelopment

Are you ready to start an apartment renovation? Don’t leave the starting line without a solid plan in place.

If you’re considering repositioning your apartment community, the task can seem overwhelming. Where do you start?  How far do you go? Should you focus on apartment interiors, building exteriors, site work or amenities?  Is your management team up for the challenge?

In all of our apartment renovations, we begin the process by asking our clients to dream big.  Rather than fixating on an arbitrary budget, we open up all the possibilities for complete discussion and review.  PMR’s multifamily redevelopment philosophy is to stretch the imagination first, and dial back down to practicality after examining all the possibilities.  With this approach, we are able to advance your apartment community’s potential using creative solutions.

Once we’ve discussed an overarching vision for your apartments, we get serious with your redevelopment budget. This marriage of creativity and practicality can have some surprising outcomes.  By mapping out the goals for your apartment redevelopment project, we can help you

  • Reduce operating expenses

  • Improve rental income and even the value of the property itself

  • Improve net operating income

  • Address investors’ goals

Renovating your apartment community can help you transform both the physical property and your business. To learn more about repositioning your apartments, stay tuned for our next post when we’ll discuss the conceptual design process of your apartment renovation project, or contact Professional Multifamily Redevelopment.