multifamily redevelopment project managementProject management– is it optional, or indispensable?   The answer depends on how invested you are in the outcome of your multifamily redevelopment project. Whether your firm owns apartments that need renovation or redevelopment or your group plans to acquire value-add communities, you need the right representation to guide you through the process.

Navigating the construction and renovation world can be intimidating, not to mention expensive. Without the necessary expertise in multifamily construction and remodeling, how will you protect your business and get the most out of your renovation budget?

While you may view a project manager as an extraneous expense, the truth of the matter is that experienced project management pays for itself many times over. From hiring the right subcontractors and ordering materials to supervising work crews and sticking to a schedule and budget, there are many opportunities to be taken advantage of for those who lack specialized knowledge. Just one misstep in the redevelopment process can be a costly waste of both time and money.

Fortunately, Professional Multifamily Redevelopment is here to be your construction department. PMR has the experience to ensure you get the most out of every renovation dollar, as well as the vision to make your community the best it can be. With more than 27 years of multifamily renovation experience, our founder, Bill E. Nettles, has the experience to help you manage your apartment upgrades safely and economically. From affordable housing to market rate, let us help you reduce your overall repositioning costs.  Take a look at our services to learn more, and give us a call at 678-446-7570.