At Professional Multifamily Redevelopment, we renovate both apartments and hotels. While each has its own particular challenges, the two are more alike than you might think. Below, check out our 3 tips for using hotel design principles to improve apartment design.

take apartment design tips from upscale hotels

Approach space-planning with efficiency in mind.

Even in high-end boutique hotels, the rooms are often very small. Yet these rooms are often quite comfortable and livable, thanks to smart space-planning. First, identify the activities that will take place in the apartment-rest, relaxation, cooking, dining, etc.-and think about how you perform each of those actions.

maximize space in apartment design

Try to maximize space as much as you can without negatively affecting flow and function. For instance, can you reach the kitchen cabinets with the dishwasher open? Do you have doors that open into each other? These might seem like minor annoyances, but they add up over time. Consider traffic flow, usability of appliances and cabinets, and storage.

lighting design in multifamily development

Create a quality lighting scheme.

Part of the appeal of a luxury hotel room is how it meets your every need even in a small space. This is especially true when it comes to lighting. Hotels do a great job of providing both ambient and task lighting. There should be good lighting in the bathroom for applying cosmetics, as well as in the kitchen for food preparation. However, it’s also important to provide ambient lighting via ceiling fixtures for other spaces like the living room, bedroom, and hallway. A dark, gloomy interior won’t have your residents feeling pleased with their choice.

flexible space planning for apartment design

Design for flexibility.

Even a spacious apartment still requires some concessions to small space living. Try to design apartments that allow for flexible use by the residents. For instance, open floor plans can provide plenty of options in furniture arrangement, traffic flow, and even purpose of the room. (Is that open space a living room/dining room combo? Could it be a living room with an office area? What about all three?)

Ultimately, hotel rooms allow us to enjoy the best of both worlds- compact, efficient space, and intuitive, user-friendly design. If you are considering a multifamily redevelopment project, we’d love to help.¬†Professional Multifamily Redevelopment provides renovation, planning, and project management services to help you bring your vision to life with impeccable attention to detail- and budget. Contact us today¬†to learn more about how we can help you through the redevelopment process.